Visiting Feudi di San Gregorio

A Visit to Feudi di San Gregorio transports you to the world of wine and gastronomy that honors Irpinian culture. Our very modern spaces host the traditions of the local viticulture and winemaking art, while our external gardens are a tribute to the local territory.








Marennà Restaurant



From the Latin “merere” (to deserve), this Michelin star restaurant (since 2009) allows you to discover the Irpinian and Campanian gastronomic tradition.


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San Gregorio




San Gregorio Restaurant



Before you even leave the airport in Naples, you can begin to immerse yourself in the world of Feudi di San Gregorio. Start your journey at the San Gregorio Restaurant, located inside the Capodichino International Airport of Naples. Flavors, intense colors and authentic taste are the main character of all traditional recipes that greet travelers.