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Appellations rich in history that deliver unique, native varietals


  • Irpinia is a historic region of the Apennine countryside, where vineyards coexist with fruit trees, forests, olives and aromatic herbs.
  • Located near Mount Vesuvius, the volcanic eruptions have left the sandstone and marl soil with mineral-rich deposits of volcanic ash, giving the grapes distinctive aromas and flavors.
  • Here native varietals – both white (Greco and Fiano) and red (Aglianico) – express their highest potential.


  • Situated on the Appennines between Campania and Puglia, Sannio is a territory with an outstanding history and a great agricultural tradition, as witnessed by its hills covered by vineyards
  • Consists mostly of Falanghina and Aglianico, both varietals were already present the Roman times.
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