Feudi’s Famous Labels





Most of our labels reproduce mosaics from Galla Placidia Mausoleum in Ravenna. Masterpieces of Byzantinian art, the most famous art when Gregorio Magno was Pope. At the beginning we had large labels  just like everyone else but then the collaboration with Massimo Vignelli, a leading Italian designer took off. In 2000, Antonio and his uncle met Massimo and Lella Vignelli in Nerano on the Amalfi Coast. They decided to work together on an innovative project: reinvent our brand image. And then the new labels came in 2001: Massimo preserved the mosaic and the golden text but then he invented a new shape that became rapidly recognizable (although not well received immediately) and have since set a real design standard. This step was very important to define the winery that Feudi is today. Massimo was a real master, and helped Feudi in all possible ways. When he died in 2014, a piece of our soul left us.