In the vineyards

Lapio, vite antica di fiano di Avellino



We consider the vineyards to be of utmost importance to the wine we make and therefore work with the best team to create healthy vines. Marco Simonit and Pierpaolo Sirch are “vine whisperers”.  Marco today is head of Preparatori D’Uva, a team devoted to spreading the Simonit&Sirch know-how with specific vine pruning courses. Pierpaolo has a long-standing collaboration with Feudi di San Gregorio, having worked in the winery’s production area since 2003 and as its chief executive officer since 2009. The Simonit & Sirch Method is what we use in our vineyards in order to increase vascular flow and extend vine life. Usual pruning methods result in the formation of “desiccation cones” in the vine wood, interrupting vascular flow and exposing vines to disease.


Marco and Pierpaolo are committed to the safeguarding of unique territories, such as Irpinia, and to the protection and preservation of their exceptional ampelographic heritage.  For over 15 years, the Simonit&Sirch team has been working with Professor Scienza of the University of Milan, studying Irpinia’s ancient vineyards (from 70/80 to over 200 years old), their genetics and their reproduction, carrying out a painstaking and in-depth study that has taught us how important it is look to the past in order to build our future. This is how Serpico and Sirica were born: Serpico, condensing the fruit of centuries-old vines of Aglianico, and Sirica, the product of the genetic reproduction of three “ancestor” vines of a local Campanian variety believed to be extinct. Over the years, our mission has been that of acquiring land that is home to centuries-old vines; we are particularly proud of our Serpico garden vineyard – a land growing over two hundred ancestral-vines that survived phylloxera and which today offer a unique and truly magnificent sight. It is as if these great “ancestor” vines were like caring fathers encouraging their offspring to take the right path in life.



Simonit & Sirch Method

Using the Simonit&Sirch method which respects the vascular system through the correct positioning of cuts, we have these results:

1) Increased vascular flow = enhanced reflection of terroir in the grapes

2) Longer vine life = old vines critical for balance and concentration. Consistent vineyard plantings

3) Increased permanent wood = grapes with better balance