The Winery

Feudi di San Gregorio


Today epitomizes the oenological renaissance of southern Italy, promoting a wine culture for the rediscovery of Mediterranean flavors. To promote southern Italy grape varieties, such as Aglianico, Fiano di Avellino and Greco di Tufo, to invest in the land and in the century old traditions of Irpinian wine making, means offering a future to a unique area.


The new winery was inaugurated in 2004, reflecting Feudi di San Gregorio’s wish to blend its long-standing tradition with a futuristic architectural project. Climbing up the hill towards Sorbo Serpico, you enter a magical world, with streams of water, herb gardens and blossoming rose bushes. The greatest surprise however is inside the winery, with the long barrel cellar where we store our red wines. Our aim is to be more than a simple winery and become a place where people can meet, learn, and meditate, a workshop of ideas and culture, a welcoming and comforting place where one can find good wine. Internationally renowned professionals were involved in our project: Japanese architect Hikaru Mori was entrusted with the difficult task of giving architectural unity to the existing structures that had been developed over the years. Massimo and Lella Vignelli, top representatives of Italian design in the world and “authors” of the winery’s labels, designed the interiors and the furnishings.

Hospitality has always been one of Feudi di San Gregorio’s core values.  A wine cellar is far more than a place to store wine: it is the place where knowledge, tradition, passion and our connection with our territory find full expression and can be proudly shared with our visitors. Guests can choose from our many visit packages and enjoy a tour of our winery combined with a tasting experience of our wines and typical local products.